Stress and Pain Relief Stone Massage


"I've been geting massages for many years, and never experienced one as relaxing and healing as Bunny's cool and warm, gem and mineral Stone Massage!  Every ache and pain vanished and I just floated out the door!"  Kimberly

"With a multiple surgeries, doctor prescribed drugs for constant pain, and stiffness in about every joint, I force myself to keep physically active even with the constant pain.  I came to Bunny with pain and movement issues, and soon found my arms relaxed and in positions they hadn't been in for years!  I would highly recommend Bunny's work to anyone and everyone.  On a scale from 1 to 5 on the massage evaluation sheet she followed up with in the mail (with 5 being the BEST) on every question she earns 5's across the board!  I feel like I'm getting my life back!"  Jeremy

"The cause of the headache I carried around for more than three weeks was something that the doctors couldn't pinpoint.  After all the tests were run, other than prescribing drugs for pain, they suggested I get a good massage.  Boy, did I come to the right place!  Thanks Bunny - within 20 minutes into the stone massage, my headache vanished, in fact, I totally forgot about it all together, and after 2 weeks it still hasn't returned.  I'm sending all my freinds to see Bunny for a Stone Massage" Diane

"I'm 84 years old and have been diagnosed with cancer.  My problem is that I just can't sleep, and lay awake and feel panicky and stressed, which is not helping my health or immune system.  After two visits to Bunny's Stone Massage I slept like a baby.  She was so gentle and caring, and even though my skin is thin and delicate, the stones were just right for what I needed." anonymous

"Ranch work is a totally physical activity that doesn't often stop when the sun goes down, and always seems to start before the sun comes up.  My wife insisted I try Stone Massage for my constant muscle aches, cramps, pain and soreness.  I feel asleep on the table, and when I walked out the door after the massage was over, forgot my glasses, and had to drive back into to town to get them.  Couldn't feel one muscle ache or pain when it was all said and done.  I'll definately be back!" Don